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Commercial Composer for Film & TV, Influencer, Marketer, Speaker, Vocal Coach & Singer - Songwriter

  • Film-makers hire me to write, sing and produce music for their films.
  • Artists get professional career coaching for success.
  • Busy parents hire me to coach their children via private music lessons.
  • Brands partner with me to promote their products.

Artist Bio

Priyanka Lalwani is a multi-talented Indian singer / songwriter, composer, and producer based out of San Francisco, California. Her vocal training and range is eclectic and diverse, and traverses an impressive array of genres. She is a Hindustani Classical Vocalist trained in Khayal, Abhanga, Ghazals, Thumri, Bhakti Geet and Cinema Sangeet. On top of her vocal talents, Priyanka is also a gifted musician and is an expert on a number of instruments including the harmonium, keyboard, guitar, mouth organ and the flute.

Priyanka Lalwani

CEO & Founder

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