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  • I am happy with the lessons. I really wanted to learn basics and approaches of Indian music and you are covering all. I also tried to learn on my own using Indian music tutorial resources online. After a while it became clear to me that I needed much more than just emulating expressions but to learn the system foundation and structure. I feel very lucky to have met Priyanka because she went out of her ways to understand my goals and needs. It was very helpful for her to send me clips of singing samples so I could practice at home. In future, I look forward to the opportunities for her to critique and help me improve my music tracks at soundcloud. Qualities I liked in Priyanka as an instructor: a) Knowledge and method of teaching the raga and variation. b)Understanding and flexibility to accommodate my approach as a musician rather than a singer. Your lessons and method sufficiently met my expectations.

    Jun I. – Flautist

  • Priyanka Lalwani helped me figure out my strength and convinced me that I could really sing. Her program is very structured. She cleared hurdles in my way, mentored me for voice and further shared with me tips to set up a home studio for music. She also encouraged me a lot while writing compositions. I came to Priyanka with a lot of questions that I would bounce off. eg. I was also learning sitar at that time and wanted to sing while playing sitar. Priyanka patiently listened to all my concerns and offered options best suited to my goals.​

    Vikas M. – Youtuber

  • “Priyanka packed in a lot of information in 30 minutes. The homework that she gave was always perfectly balanced. She also gave really good recommendations of music aligned with my goals.She has good knowledge about different ragas and songs based on them. Priyanka is very encouraging.She’ll always say nice things. She’ll be able to tell the criticism in a way that doesn’t hurt. As a student, you get the point. That’s an art and Priyanka knows how to do it really well.”

    Kunal D. – Singer – SongWriter – Researcher – Stanford University

Award Winning Song ‘Na Jaane’ – Written & Produced by Priyanka Lalwani

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