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Activate your musical dreams with coach Priyanka Lalwani

Commercial Composer for Film & TV, Influencer, Marketer, Speaker, Vocal Coach & Singer - Songwriter

  • Film-makers hire me to write, sing and produce music for their films.
  • Artists get professional career coaching for success.
  • Busy parents hire me to coach their children via private music lessons.
  • Brands partner with me to promote their products.

WORK WITH Priyanka Lalwani

Private Coaching Via Zoom


We have moments when we are simply stuck on a project and need some hand-holding to move forward.I offer my undivided attention, to personally help you solve your challenges.

For example:

These are just a few of the areas I can help you with and give actionable answers, tactics and strategies you need.

  • You want to know the raga to which the song belongs and prepare for an audition.
  • You want to plan a music project or live program and need some help.
  • Maybe you need to attract more clients or customers to your gig.
  • Maybe you need help getting jumpstarted or help with your next steps.
  • Maybe you need the right collaborator in the bay area and can’t find one.
  • Maybe you need help in writing melodies or lyric.
  • You may want to review your website / blog and show you how to make it more effective.
  • You want some actionable answers, tactics or strategies for one specific problem.
  • What is involved in a Coaching Session?

    Come to our call with your issues, pains, problems and business challenges. You will receive 90 minutes of insightful, honest and valuable feedback and advice.

    If you know right now that what you are doing is not working as well as it used to, pick my brain. If you are tired of spinning your wheels and know something has to change, pick my brain. If you are fired up, ready to learn what really works and to do what it takes to fix your business, by all means, pick my brain.

    How it works

    Simply visit the link above to schedule a 30 minute free call with Coach, Priyanka Lalwani. During our call, you can share your problems and I will provide you with the most effective ideas, answers and insights I know. I’ll help you with strategies, tactics… whatever you need. I will also help you identify new opportunities and help you avoid costly mistakes.
    You can rely on me to be both honest and provide direction for where to take next steps.

    Option #1: Email

    Book a 30 min Session: $100

    If you’d like my assistance immediately with something and want a lower cost/fast option, this is your best bet. Book a time slot and in the message, write to me with whatever you’d like my support with. You might have some kind of a biz question, or maybe you even need to just vent about something and need an eye/ear. I’m open to serve however I can. I’ll respond back to you within 72 hours.

    Option #2: Power-pack Hour calls

    Book a 30 min Session: $500

    With these calls, we schedule an hour for you to ask me about anything that will help you the most. It’s amazing how much can get covered in just one hour.

    a) You’re ready to upgrade your life (either personally or professionally), but you’re not 100% sure on your next steps to take.
    b) You’ve been feeling like you’re on the verge of a breakthrough for a really long time and your intuition tells you that I can help.
    c) You feel really disorganized about your life and are craving structure.
    d) You want to pick my brain on business stuff


  • I work with absolute beginners who believe they can’t sing on the note or on beat.
  • I work with singers who are frustrated because they’ve been working on their voice for a long time but still can’t get the sound they’re after.
  • I work with people who have no idea what they can do with they voice but want to explore it for fun.
  • I work with advanced singers who want to ,walk into auditions, perform and smash it.

    Really, I work with anyone who is passionate about singing or excited to learn a new skill to boost their self-esteem.

    Every lesson is aimed at making you comfortable and at ease so that you are able to enjoy yourself and the music. You can come in, learn and push yourself as little or as much as you would like to that day. You don’t need to know singing but you should be enthusiastic about your voice and yourself.

    We start with vocal exercises to gently warm up your voice and then start work on the songs we’ve chosen together. I will never give you a song to practice that you don’t enjoy.We will work on it as a team – You and me – sounds good?

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