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Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!

The sense of belonging that a community offers is precious. It does’t matter whether these communities are online or offline. Communities help you feel home. 

Over a decade ago, I moved to SF from Pune and was struggling to find my inner home. Via Meetup and Eventbrite and countless offline communities, I got to meet so many new people. But that wouldn’t have been possible without their Community Managers.

Community Managers are the heroes who set aside the time to create these communities and moderate them. 

Community Managers often do so much without expecting anything in return. Often this is an unpaid position. And it takes significant amount of time to run and main communities. 

Today, on the occasion of Community Manager Appreciation Day, I’d like to thank present and past Community Managers who have transformed my life. We see you and appreciate your work always ❤️💯🚀

As a way to give back, today I have become a community manager and proudly moderate 5 meetups in San Francisco per month. Thanks to my present and past peers who have made this ride so wonderful. My humble gratitude to,
– Katie Ray at Sales Hacker
– Rose Auravide Trujillo at Femmesynthesis,
– Michael GarriguesOmar Ruiz Geronimo at Freelancers Union,
– Sean MurphyTheresa Shafer & Jordan Geiman at Bootstrappers Breakfast

A huge shoutout to all those people who set time aside to create communities all over the world and offer digital nomads like me a home.


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