Name of Track: Dramatic Music for Father’s Day by Priyanka Lalwani


Composer: Priyanka Lalwani

Name of Track – Na Jaane

Publisher: Vocalfry

Song Title – *Tera Saaya*

Rap by :- Abhay Nandkishor Jaju

I composed this song to Celebrate Fathers Day with You. To create this song, I collaborated with a young dad and an amazing lyricist – Abhay Jaju. For best results, listen to my song on headphones. So Put our Music On, Play It Loud and Get Ready to Celebrate Father’s Day Like Never Before! Presenting to you a fun, nostalgic, father’s day rap song.

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About The Film Composer

Priyanka Lalwani is an award-winning Indian composer, singer / songwriter and producer based out of San Francisco, California. She is a gifted musician and is an expert on a number of instruments including the harmonium, keyboard, guitar, mouth organ and the flute.She is also a Hindustani Classical Vocalist trained in Khayal, Abhanga, Ghazals, Thumri, Bhakti Geet and Cinema Sangeet.

In March of 2014 she released her debut track entitled “NA JAANE”. Priyanka controlled every aspect of the song from conception to release. She wrote, produced, arranged, composed, and performed the track, which has been described as self-effacing yet captivating. This song won An Academia Award – Best Song Award in Pop Electronica-Hindi. After the release of “NA JAANE” Priyanka was interviewed on 1550AM Radio Zindagi in the San Francisco Bay Area. She also garnered attention and achieved an honorable mention in Mi2N (Music Industry News Network). “The Strange Guest” is her debut music album for film and TV.

Priyanka Lalwani

CEO & Founder


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Film Composer: Priyanka Lalwani

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