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If you're clear on the results you want to create in your business, but are stuck on how to make it happen, this opportunity for a private strategy call is perfect for you.

I call it Project Happiness.

30-60-90 days - goal setting plan

30-60-90 days - goal setting plan with Priyanka



This is your chance to say goodbye to confusion and overwhelm.Together we'll address the biggest challenges you are facing in your business and uncover solutions that make sense for your goals.

I will help you achieve a significant makeover in your business in 30-60-90 days via weekly one-on-one coaching.


Each Week, you get a 60 Minute Call which includes:



You'll walk away knowing the exact steps you need to take to take your business to the next level.

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Strategy Calls - 60 minutes each

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I'll call you on the scheduled day / time and we'll set the first step towards achieving your goal together!  In case of any questions, write to me at

Stay accountable.Visualize your dreams and make them come alive through my actionable program.​​

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