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Music Philosophy - Harmonium - Priyanka Lalwani

Music Philosophy








What do you believe about teaching?
‘You,’ love to sing. And I believe, that you have the voice, the zeal and the ability to sing.

As your mentor,I will help you stay accountable in your journey of discovering your voice, your craft and YOU.You’ll also get a study buddy who will help you learn singing, challenge yourself and still have fun.


What is your belief about learning? Why?
Learning is welcoming a change of perspective.A different point of view. It’s that deep trust in yourself.It’s building your confidence.Learning takes your inner desire from scarcity to abundance.It brings hope back in your life because you look at opportunities rather than weaknesses.Learning is experiencing inner peace and fulfillment. Your mind is open to newer possibilities and miracles of life. Feeling, each of those moments of joy.

You don’t just learn music. You experience the magic of musical phrases. I also help you stay accountable towards your goals, leaving each class feeling confident and fulfilled.


What are your methods of imparting the information?
Knowledge of music was passed down orally to me. I will teach you in the same way as I have learnt but will accompany them with transcription and recordings that you can take home and practice.


How are music lesson provided in your studio?
I teach Hindustani Classical Vocals. Private one-on-one training is available online and offline.Group lessons also available.

Safe environment.

Enthusiasm and curiosity welcomed.

No comparisons. No judgements.

You get my complete attention in those 30 minutes.I tackle all your questions/worries/concerns. We set goals each time, work together as a team to achieve them and celebrate your achievements!


How does student identity and background make a difference in how you teach?
I have taught students from the age of 3 to the age of 88. They have been from diverse backgrounds eg. curious toddlers, teens and tweens to working professional e.g. doctors,  engineers,  artists etc. Each lesson is tailored to help you advance towards your goal and become incrementally better. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of music to join.

Goals of past students include wanting to sing karaoke, to sing in a choir, to be cast in a high school show or community theatre, to get a vocal scholarship to a university, to sing on stage with a live band, to make a recording of their songs, and all the way to being a professional in the competitive music industry.

During each lesson, you will get notes in English/Hindi. You are also free to record lessons in audio on your phone. The fun doesn’t end there. You will also learn the fascinating history of Hindustani Classical Music.

My lessons will enable you to stay motivated and passionate about singing. We will also cover Folk songs, bollywood songs, bhajans, abhang, ghazals, Hori ke Geet, Dhrupad, festive songs – and much more!

What do you still struggle with in terms of teaching and student learning?
Students giving up in between. Don’t give up. Continuity is very crucial in singing.

Also, students need to understand that your vocal cords need continual practice.You need to do ‘riyaaz’ regularly and keep warming those pipes. After each lesson, it is important to go through the recordings and notes, practice them and also come back with questions, if any.


    If you have a recording of your voice ready to send, please upload it to the file-sharing service of your choice (or try WeTransfer, Hightail, or Dropbox) and include the link in the box above.

    Also share couple of days/times suitable to begin your singing lessons.