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mysterious goings on - alex greenwood podcast

Hey All! What a great way to start the lunar new year! While scoring music for a Bollywood film, now available on amazon prime, I was interviewed by Alex Greenwood on his podcast “Mysterious Goings On” and this was so much fun.

In this podcast interview, we spoke about :
– Perceptions about Indian Cinema – Statistics that will surprise you!
– How Indian films have changed ?
– “Eat Pray Love” moments and the deeper meaning behind them. 
– Challenges while making music for the film during the pandemic.
– How to tackle marketing as a creative. 
– A peek into the “new normal” world moving forward. 

Checkout my music album for the film, “The Strange Guest” 


I was amazed by the knowledge and research that Alex Greenwood has about Bollywood. Kindly take a moment to show your support to his podcast by leaving a review for the show Mysterious Goings On, on Apple Podcast. Your review will help his podcast to attract more listeners and sponsors and keep it going. Thanks in advance. 

Checkout the Interview Episode: https://mgopod.com/f/composing-for-bollywood-with-priyanka-lalwani


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