The Real Industry- “Life’s Not Linear”

It took 35 years for Priyanka (@priyankalalwanimusic) to find success in her music career and the story she tells is one of overcoming self-doubt. Now, she manages a successful business that is only expanding during this pandemic. The secret to her grit and determination? Give it a listen. “

Co- judging as a music judge for a singing competition at Cal- western NATS 2020 Regional Conference and Student Auditions CSU, East Bay with these two amazing ladies, Korianne Johnson & Sheila Townsend . We were here for the regional singing competition organized by National Association of Teachers of Singing(NATS). I was really impressed with the bouquet of enthusiasm, craft and knowledge while here at California State University, CSU, Hayward.

Interviewed as an Artist Marketer in a Reputed French Magazine, CreativInn

What it is about:

  • Artist Development Program for Indian Artists in San Francisco
  • Representing and mentoring Indian Artists
  • Benefits of hiring a mentor – marketer
  • early in your creative career
  • Advice
  • to Avoid as an Artist
  • Westcoast Songwriters in San Francisco Republishes My Opinions As 'Definitely Worth Sharing' For Their Music Community

    What it is about:

  • Representing and Mentoring Artists
  • Advice to young talented artists who want to succeed
  • Mistakes an Artist should have to avoid
  • Featured for Digital Marketing Skills in the Guavabean Directory of Freelancers.

    As a Remote Digital Marketer,I can help you with the following :
    – Auditing Your Current Unique Situation
    – Develop Buyer Personas
    – Lead Generation
    – Email
  • SEO
  • PPC Campaigns on Instagram & Facebook
  • Business Automation
  • What’s The Best Advice You’ve Ever Received?

    Priyanka Lalwani Says:

    "And the advice was to avoid asking for permission to be an artist from everyone around me. While trying to figure out why I wanted to be an artist, I learnt that just like the world needs doctors and engineers, it needs artists. It needs me! How cool is that to hear as an artist?"

    I come from a culture of people pleasing, over – sharing and obeying. Doing whatever you love to do often requires permission from your loved ones especially if you are not financially independent. And they think they can determine whether it is worth it for you to proceed in that direction not you. The advice that I am referring to and the one which changed my life, also instilled a lot of belief in myself and propelled my career as a Bollywood Music Producer.


    Ask Me Anything(AMA) Interview as a Creative Consultant to Artists

    What it is about:

  • Achieving financial freedom as a creative artist.
  • Gaining greater confidence, satisfaction and fulfillment from your passion.
  • Setting measurable goals to take your business to the next level.
  • Growing your creative business via digital marketing.

    Featured as 'SEO Super Geek' in LearnHTMLWithSong

    What it is about:

  • SEO
  • Perspectives on Music Production & SEO
  • My favorite resources.

    Winner - Best Song - 'Na Jaane' Single - Best Pop Electronica -Hindi | Debut Song

    What it is about:

  • Debut song ‘Na Jaane’ won Academia Award – Best Song Award in Pop Electronica-Hindi.
  • Garnered attention and achieved an honorable mention in Mi2N (Music Industry News Network).

    How My Mom's Philosophy 'Work With What You Have Got' Helped Me In Music

    What it is about:

  • Life Lessons While Cooking Featuring Mothers & Daugters
  • How Mom’s Philosophy ‘Work With What You Have Got’ Helped Her Daughter At Every Point In Life.
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