Thanks Saquib Kothawala from For The Fantastic Testimonial !

Thanks for the fantastic testimonial Saquib Kothawala from – hugely appreciated!

Solving a problem - validating a customer pain- insights into the best markets - marketing yourself as a founder testimonial - coaching call with Priyanka Lalwani - -Saquib Kothawala - Entrepreneur - Engineer - building bolo

“Priyanka jumped on a call with me after being introduced by a mutual contact and provided a lot of value on that call! She helped validate the pain that we are trying to solve since she is also a potential user. She gave us insight into the best markets we could go after as an early stage start up. And she gave some valuable tips about how to market myself as a founder. I will definitely look for opportunities to work with her again!”

Thanks for your lovely testimonial. I enjoyed working with you as well! ☺️

Wishing you all the good luck and success.

I got his permission to use to re-publish it to a wider audience.

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