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Professional Quality Voiceovers available in English, Hindi, French and German.

NOTE: my services are aimed at clearing the hurdles on your path by offering you professional voiceover services. DON'T Just Take Only My Words For It... Listen to my Demo Reel below...
Priyanka Lalwani - Demo Voiceover - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Technical Narration - Bay Area Favorite!
Priyanka Lalwani - Demo Voiceover - International Trade - Trade and Commerce Narration

Priyanka Lalwani - Demo Voiceover - Medical Script Narration
Priyanka Lalwani - Demo Voiceover - TV Documentary Sample Script

I know you might say:

Hey! I heard of and tried something similar services online before, yet no better result. But, I will completely assure that you’re going to be absolutely amazed with my professional voiceover services. Get Quality Voiceover services for:

Get Professional Narration.

Get premium voiceovers, extras and other services.

Are you a business owner? Voiceover is an effective marketing tool through which you can communicate your message to target audience in a very concise but effective manner about specific topics using content from articles and other text sources.Voiceover is the hottest way to promote and sell your products/services at the moment online and offline because everywhere you go, you are surrounded by people listening to voiceovers of companies or favorite brands on their phone or with their laptop. Many fall in love with quality voiceovers such that they make it their favorite songs. With a quality voiceover, you will:

As we all know, voiceover marketing strategy is getting extremely popular nowadays. A professional voiceover increases your customer base, builds more credibility, increases website conversions, gives your business a professional look and a competitive advantage, enhances your marketing activities and increases your sales.That’s a proven FACT.That also makes it very important from an SEO perspective. Data on the subject says that more than 60% of all, and I mean all, internet business transactions are hinged on quality voiceover employed in marketing efforts.Every major industry recognizes the shift to quality voiceover marketing and is designing their entire marketing around it.Always have it in mind that a professional voiceover is a solution to getting more clients easily. Voiceovers can be even more effective when uploaded to various websites like YouTube and Facebook etc for distribution and exposure. This greatly enhances your online presence.

While using my professional voiceover service, your vision, your goal and your successful future all become abundantly clear as you will: Many business owners today are missing a huge amount of opportunities by not using voiceover in their marketing efforts for their business ads. Frankly speaking, with more than 75% of business owners running business advertisement using voiceover, your business cannot afford not to have a marketing voiceover. And that is just what I am here to give you.

How Much Will Voiceover Service Cost You?

A good professional voiceover could cost around $1000. But don't worry... You're not going to pay anything near that. You see, I truly understand that you work hard for your money, and I know that you're afraid that I just might rip you off. But hey, I’m not here to rip you off, NO WAY!!! I really care about you. But I'm sure that you also understand that I can't offer my voice service for free... Right? So here's the deal: For a VERY LIMITED time I will allow the next few people to get my voiceover service at SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICES as stated below:  


Building a voiceover from the ground up is what I do here. I am a professional and use top of the line, radio/video/TV ready equipment and software.

Rates are based on a single purchase with 3 re-reads if necessary.
> 15 Seconds (38 Words) : $60.00
> 30 Seconds (75 words) : $75.00
> 60 Seconds (150 Words) : $125.00
> 90 Seconds (225 Words) : $175.00
> 120 Seconds (300 Words) : $225.00
> 5 Seconds (Up to 13 Words): $39.00

Narration Rates

Voiceover Services

PREMIUM: Voiceovers, Extras & Other Services

Voice Overs - With or without Music Beds: A music bed can be the perfect complement to your message. I can create music beds for Radio and TV stations, motivational speakers etc. Voices, Accents, Impersonations: Whatever your idea might be, I can incorporate that in the voiceover for you. Accents of all kinds, impressions or just crazy funny voices. Script Writing: Have all of the information about your product or service ready but just don't know what else to say? Let me develop a winning copywriting script for you a message that sizzles! Email me today at priyankalalwanimusic@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to send you a audio demo of the sound you're looking for. We accept mastercard, visa, amex, eChecks and more via Paypal. Order with confidence via Paypal.


Please note:

You don't need a Paypal account to pay through Paypal. A typical 30 second commercial is about 75 words. Delivery time: 12 days, keeping in mind rainy days. Please mention if you need it within a stipulated time period earlier than that.

Voiceover Services

**Script Mandatory**

Send me scripts in plain text PDF, DOC or TXT files at priyankalalwanimusic(at)gmail(dot)com. Do not send me Powerpoint presentations or videos. I will read exactly what is in the script. Make sure your script is checked for grammar before you submit it. Have your script ready before placing an order!**Mp3 delivery/ wav/aiff gig** You will receive a professional sound with an excellent instinct for interpretation and copy. Note: I reserve the right to refuse scripts and clients so if you are unsure, please send me the script before you make the order. Email me at priyankalalwanimusic(at)gmail(dot)com .I offer my services PRO BONO for any emergency natural disaster situations. Message me for details.

Why Choose Me For Your Voiceover Production?

Below Are What Make Me Different From Most Other Voiceover Service Providers Out There:

• Quality and affordable services: My Voiceover services are very affordable. I have been in business for many years. I guarantee you prompt and quality work for a reasonable price.

• Expert, with many years of experience in Voiceover services: My many years of experience in customized Voiceover production make me your best option.

• Trust: I am tested and trusted. My customers’ testimonials can give you a better proof of this. I earned and maintain a truly good reputation.

• Effectiveness: I am very effective and totally focused on your success to give you the best customized Vioceover service you need.

• Communication: I maintain close relationship and good communication with my customers. In fact, your schedule is my schedule. I reply all emails promptly. I pride myself on setting and meeting realistic deadlines.

And hey, don’t take my word for it on how great my services are!

If you're still hesitating because you don't know how powerful and professional my voiceover services are, here are a few testimonials from people who have tried it... Ready to get started? Then click on the button below to get your own professional voiceover now.
Voiceover Services

    If you have a recording of your voice ready to send, please upload it to the file-sharing service of your choice (or try WeTransfer, Hightail, or Dropbox) and include the link in the box above.

    Also share couple of days/times suitable to begin lessons to build your repertoire.