Through song repertoire lessons, you could expand your song repertoire and musical tastes to the next level.


This is especially awesome for beginners / hobbyists / up-and-coming singers / songwriters / performers. Kids and adults welcome.

what is repertoire in music?



Artists study paintings by the great masters to understand their techniques and their contribution to the field.

Chef’s eat not just because they are hungry but to train their palate, to discover new flavors and learn other cooking techniques.

Serious sports players regularly watch recordings of games to study gameplay and learn what the great players do.

And the same with singing too. To succeed at singing you need to refine your appreciation for music, broaden your existing music tastes, study what great singers of the past and present do and to apply your discoveries to improve your performance. All of this starts with building your song repertoire – your knowledge of great singers and your song library

Singing lessons are a great way to expand your song repertoire.

songs repertoire
Is your current singing collection limited? Do you find yourself returning to the same recordings and artists? Are you unsure where to look to broaden your musical tastes?

A well-experienced teacher will guide you to appreciate music by understanding how it works via music theory and ear training.They could help you to study technique and inspire you by pointing to other artists that are similar to those you like.


For example:

1. How rangy is the song ?

2. What key is the original version in?

3. Can it be transposed so that it fits within your "sweet spot" ?

4. Does the song have an emotional fit with you so that it feels authentic when you sing it?

5. Are you comfortable with the nuances of the style of the song or would you be better of with a song in a different genre?

6. How complex is the meter in the melody and can you navigate it in a natural sounding way?

7. Does he song sing stepwise to adjacent notes and is therefore easier to sing?


In record label companies, there have been people in the A & R department whose sole job is to pick the right songs for the artists they sign.

To be a real artist, you have to know yourself. Being a singer, composer, songwriter myself, I will help you discover yourself and efficiently select songs that could match your voice. With all the insights from my experience, you could learn about efficiently selecting songs, and make your repertoire ripe with songs that are perfect for your voice and style.


At the end of the day, you are an amalgamation of all your life experiences, people you've met and know, and all the music you've listened to. Add that to your unique physiology, height, weight, vocal chords, voice box, nose size, resonant cavities, soft tissues, lungs, diaphragm and intercostal musculature, and you start to see that you can be a one of a kind.


For me it is important to help bring out the artist in you.

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    Also share couple of days/times suitable to begin lessons to build your repertoire.