Remote Collaboration


Recording services

Whether you are an experienced pro or you are new to the studio, you will need some team members for your project. Depending on your budget and the size and type of your project, your recording team may include some or all of the following: an executive producer, a main producer, a vocal producer, recording engineer(s), musicians and background vocalists.

I offer the following services in-person and via remote collaboration:
Pre-production vocal lessons, Vocal producer, track producer, background vocals and arrangements.




Long–Distance Collaboration

I’ve done collaborative work with fellow tech and music enthusiasts where we have shared a concept and started with nothing more than a harmonium riff, drum loop, a vocal a cappella or lyrics. If you’re in the market for a fellow musician, songwriter, or music professional to work with and create some kickass music, let me know.

Biggest lesson from my experience about such a collaboration:
Don’t think too much.
Just do it.



Writing services

Looking for Songwriters or Musicians to Collaborate With? Let’s write some kick-ass lyrics and melodies together.

I also offer original songs and co-writing for projects.


Vocal Producer

Vocal production is a specialty field of expertise. If you are a producer, you may wish to consider including a vocal producer in your budget who can greatly increase the quality of your client’s final vocals, resulting in greater client satisfaction and possibilities for commercial success. I’d be happy to speak with you about my services for your production team. I do love being a part of a great team.

Why hiring a vocal producer is important:

It takes a vocal producer to tell you how to fix problems and get a singer’s best on tape.
A vocal producer can help even a modestly talented singer get amazingly effective vocals in the studio.Simply put, you need a vocal producer when you need to have your best vocal performance recorded.

Recording Producer

I produce full recording projects in many different musical genres, striving for sonic excellence, honest emotional impact and individuality in every production. I specialize in mentoring creative singer/songwriters toward the recording projects they want to complete. I serve as vocal instructor for all my production clients, and often co-write with them.

Background Vocals & Arrangements

If you need vocals on your project, I will bring the voice, experience, creativity and professionalism needed to take your project to a whole new level. I’ve been singing in recording studios for over a decade, hired as vocal arranger, contractor and producer on thousands of projects including voiceovers, jingles, master albums, demos, and Karaoke catalogs. I specialize in innovative vocal arrangements that lift the production out of the ordinary. I can sing any style or genre, and have sung in English, Hindi, French and German with specific dialects.

Whether you are looking for a vocal producer, project producer or session singer & arranger, I have the ability and the experience you need.